The Importance Of Scripts

One of the most important things in play is choosing the script. When determining the choice of a script to be staged, a director must know why they chose that particular script. What do you want to say through the text, and with what pronunciation? Is it a race issue like the script of Harriet Tubman, and Tsali or classic ones like Shakespeare. When choosing a script and then, in answering all questions from the actors and their work, the director may hold onto 5W1H expectations, namely: what, who, why, when, where, how. So, if they have a target of pronunciation he wants to pursue, first he must be responsible to himself as an artist. Then, only then he is responsible for the players and their workers.

The choice of a script may be based on the consideration that the script able to be a bridge from the mind reflection (philosophy) of the director as an artist. Or it could be because the text he chooses contains the possibility of great artwork or it could be because the script is popular and is expected to bring in a large audience if it is staged or commercial. The text includes the names of the characters in the story, the dialogue spoken by the characters, and the circumstances, the stage required. Even sometimes also equipped with an explanation of fashion, lighting, and sound (musical accompaniment).

Drama scripts of the form and composition are different from short stories or novel texts. Short story scripts or novels contain complete and direct stories about events that occur. On the contrary, the drama script does not tell the story directly. The determination of the story replaced with a dialogue of the characters. So, the play script prioritizes the utterances or talks of the characters. From the talk of the figures, the audience can capture and understand the whole story. To facilitate the performers, the drama script is written as complete as possible, not only containing the conversation but also accompanied by information or instructions.

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