The Importance of Parks During a Pandemic, Why?

Parks are not yet a culture in our social and daily activities and most people prefer to socialize or just take a walk to the mall. Even though parks have a very crucial role apart from being green open spaces, catchment areas, to the lungs of the area, parks also have a very important role during this pandemic. A good city must be designed to have a landscape design for anticipatory scenarios for the worst situations such as paralysis and isolation, paralyzed telecommunications, cut road infrastructure, power outages, lack of clean water, and so on. Cities must have the ability to anticipate disaster prevention including pandemics that can map mitigation and risk reduction with parks being part of it.

This is inseparable from the recommendations of the world health organization (WHO) which implements a city health protocol. How cities should be planned, designed, built, managed, and monitored according to these health protocols. Finally, the city is like a complex living organism, breathing, and can maximize the potential of the city. Regarding a pandemic that requires us to apply various new norms including keeping the environment clean to stop the spread of the plague, parks are very important in this healthy urban mechanism. This is because parks can provide various benefits such as oxygen supply, sun catching areas which are important for increasing body immunity, to an atmosphere that can relax stress levels.

Currently, there are quite a lot of people who are interested in environmentally friendly housing. Architects can make eco-friendly house designs and concepts, of course, with preferences that match your desires. But that doesn’t mean homeowners can’t make it happen independently. You no longer need to turn on the lights in the morning to evening, because there is sunlight coming in. Then the use of air conditioners will start to decrease because the house becomes cooler when it has many openings. That is the concept of environmentally friendly housing that has many gaps that can be opened or closed. A design like this can be applied in the kitchen, next to the house, and even in the drying area. A more open house certainly makes you more energy efficient.

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