The History Of Diamond Engagement Rings

The engagement is the step to marriage. Most couples wait for this moment. If you want to prepare your engagement ring, you can consider Black tungsten rings. If you are not familiar with the history of the diamond ring for engagement, the following are the things you should know.

Ancient Egypt
Based on the historical evidence available, it is known that it turns out that the tradition of giving rings as an engagement sign has been carried out since the days of ancient Egypt. However, at that time, engagement rings were actually worn not only on women’s fingers but also on men’s fingers. The engagement ring at that time was not only a symbol of love and love but also as a symbol of the wealth possessed by the ring owner. So in other words, at that time men or women who exchanged fiance rings were not only symbols of their love, but also as symbols of the exchange of assets from both.

Ancient Roman times
Turning to the era after that, namely the ancient Roman era, the tradition of fiance rings is not only done by couples who want to get married but also done by their partner’s parents. In fact, when entering the 11th century, some churches in Western countries have given an announcement about the importance of exchanging fiance rings. Until finally, when entering the mid-16th century, the tradition of exchanging rings has become an official part or tradition in every fiancé and marriage ceremony. And at this time it was also determined by the Catholic Church, that for engagement rings, only women were eligible to wear it.

Modern era
The ring tradition at the time of engagement is still ongoing today. but the difference is in modern times most engagement rings use diamond stones as decoration. At least, the tradition of using diamond eyes on fiance rings began around the 1930s. Where at that time, a diamond producer company made an advertisement to promote the use of diamond rings for fiancee or marriage. Since then, diamonds are often associated as a symbol of eternal love and partner loyalty. So do not be surprised if until now many fiances rings that use diamonds in various shapes and colors.

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