The Coolest Guitar in Rock History

Rock music cannot be separated from the guitar – including the bass guitar. The instrument is like the spirit of the rock itself. Realizing this, rock guitarists have a collection of guitars that symbolize their personal identities. Some of them are visually visible, some have a long history. You can get the best Electric guitar kit on our website.

Guitar Symbol – Prince

In addition to having a cloud guitar that is uniquely shaped, Prince also has an oddly shaped “symbol” guitar. The guitar has long arches and forms Prince’s personal symbol. Prince’s symbol is not separated from his feud with Warner Bros, related to the contract use of the name “Prince.” Not losing his mind, Prince decided to stay out and leave the Prince’s name, turning it into a symbol he called meaning love. That symbol then inspired the birth of Guitar Symbol. The writing of the name Prince was later changed to “the artist formerly known as Prince” (the artist is formerly known as Prince), to avoid legal problems.

Ouija Guitar – Kirk Hammet

If in Indonesia there is a Jailangkung game, in the United States there is a similar game using a board that is named Ouija. So, what if the Ouija board is used as a guitar? Kirk Hammet, Metallica’s guitarist, who had the guts to create a guitar with the concept of “spirit caller.” The first Ouija guitar was born in 1993. Hammet ordered the guitar with ESP guitar manufacturers. In its development, the Ouija guitar became one of the guitars that were hunted by collectors, not because the unique concept guitar was produced limited.

Five-Branched Guitar – Rick Nielsen

Guitarist Rick Nielsen of the Cheap Trick group ordered a five-neck guitar specifically for producer Hamer Guitars. The guitar brings its own luck to Nielsen, he skyrocketed his name because he was able to steal the attention by carrying a strange-shaped guitar. Nielsen’s five-branched guitar was made in 1981. He has a total of three similar guitars, one of which was circulated to be exhibited in several museums. The man who is currently 67 years old admitted that the unique guitar was not just a sensation, but an answer to his musical needs.

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