The Complete Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is a very dynamic industry. The ‘rules’ change all the time and you must evaluate and revise your digital marketing strategy to keep it current and relevant. The best option is to use the service of a digital marketing agency. You can learn more about King Kong marketing agency to see how they will help your business. The best way to evaluate your campaign is to do so based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other metrics. The most important metrics for any type of digital marketing campaign are:

– Number of website visits
– Cost per visit
– Cost per conversion
– Click-Through Rate
– Number of Conversions
– Number of micro conversions
– Time on site
– Bounce rate
– Number of social shares
– Number of comments

If you have a good analytics system and can track it for every campaign that is part of your strategy, then it will be easier to make the right decisions.

Don’t forget that part of your evaluation is to look for new channels that can be added to your business strategy. It’s a good idea to look at your competitors’ strategies and identify their strategies that you can include in your business marketing mix. The ultimate goal of a digital marketing campaign is to generate more revenue for the business. But to achieve your ultimate goal, you must first consider micro-conversions. Micro-conversions are actions taken by users that are part of the funnel leading to sales.

A complete digital marketing strategy should not exclusively use standard online marketing media. But should also cater to new digital marketing strategies that are coming to the fore. There are several new channels that you can explore such as Google Shopping Ads, Tik-Tok, Google Keen, Optimizing your content for voice search, and so on. These channels are new and are likely to be less competitive than established channels.

So far, all of the strategies above are related to how you can reach more people, but it’s equally important to follow up on users who already know your brand, but are not yet customers. This is known as “retargeting” or “remarketing”. With retargeting, you can show certain ads to users who visit your website (or social network page) but don’t convert.

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