The Common Cause of Blocked Hair Follicles

Hair is part of our bodies that has complex structures. Everyone has different types of hair conditions because there are some of hormones that influence the growth of our hair. Some of people think that clogged hair follicles occur because of the lack of hygiene. In fact that kind of thought is not true. Some of people also think that it is a contagious thing and they are also wrong about it. It is not a contagious thing because everyone has different conditions of hair and it is a normal thing. We must also know how to get rid of scalp buildup and that some of people do a lot of researches about it.

Unfortunately, they can’t find an exact cause that can block our hair follicles gradually. However, they have few of points that can determine the common cause which blocks our hair follicles. We must know that keratin can be one of a common cause that blocks our hair follicles gradually. Some of people use keratin as one of hair care products at the hair salon. Thus, they must be careful of it because it surely damages their hair eventually. In fact, we can also find some of natural substance such as protein in our hair, skins and nails. We must also know that our blocked hair follicle contains bacteria.

Therefore, bacteria can breed and grow inside our blocked hair follicles. We need special shampoo that contains anti bacteria formula to unblock our hair follicles properly. People who work outdoor can also get this problem because some of people get their blocked hair follicles problems from the sweat inside their scalps. We must avoid the breeding process of bacteria which grows inside our scalps completely. Sometimes, we can also get pimples on our scalps and it triggers blocked hair follicles too. We must wash our hair properly with good shampoo that can fix the blocked hair follicle’s problems effectively.

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