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Teak wood is one of the most superior home furnishings. The main characteristic of the appeal of teak furniture is its durability and fantastic durability. However, if you want to have other durable types of furniture pieces, we suggest you check out the http://www.artisanfurniture.net/wholesale-furniture/. Moreover, is it true that teak is the most powerful material to be used as furniture?

Teak wood is known to have a strong endurance

Teak wood is indeed known as the most strong and tough material. Teak is also durable even if used for a long time and is not easy to change shape or damage. The high level of density also makes teak not easy to rot like other wood. Not only that, but this wood can also be resistant to water, humidity, and extreme weather conditions. Changes in weather that often become a scourge for furniture with other wood materials, did not affect the quality of the furniture from teak.

Some of these reasons make many people prefer to invest by buying furniture from teak wood. Compared to buying cheap furniture that is easily damaged, it’s better to choose teak that can last up to more than 100 years.

Termite resistant and easy to maintain

Termites or other insects will not be a match for teak wood. This is because teak contains strong oil that is resistant to insects, fungi or termites.

Furniture made of teak wood is also easy to clean without having to care a lot which will cost. You only need to clean teak furniture using a half-wet cloth and wipe dry with a clean cloth. Very easy right?

The finishing is smooth with a special stroke

The characteristic fiber and color of teak wood also have their own characteristics and appeal. From its golden brown color to distinctive motifs, the appearance of teak is truly attractive from the outside to the inside. Not surprisingly, furniture from teak wood is often sold at a more expensive price.

Quality furniture can also be seen from the uniform coloring in all parts and all wood pores that are covered in finishing. In addition, the finishing layer is quite thick and not too thin. When touched by hand, the surface feels smooth and not bumpy.

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