Some Of Truths About Carpets

As a carpet’s cleaning service we receive so many questions from our clients who want to use our services. They often think about some of myths about carpets and we give them our best answers. This article talks about first call restoration crew because that is our carpet’s cleaning service company. We accept a lot of complaints too from our clients and most of them are giving me some of questions about carpets.

Most of our clients think that a carpet has so many chemicals and they are very dangerous. We want to educate some of people about the chemical because as we all already know there are so many types of chemicals. In this modern era we live with high technology and they have a lot of chemical substances too. Some of chemical substances are not dangerous for our bodies so we don’t need to worry too much about them.
People need to know the truth about carpets that a carpet manufacture always uses safe materials for their products. Some of people think about some of molds or bacteria that came from dirt on their carpets, they can be right but that case will happen if they have some of water damage incident such as flood. You must know that mold needs to grow in these three circumstances.
The first one is a food source because it can’t grow without its food source. You have to be careful because there are some of things that can be its food source such wood, natural fiber cloths and natural fiber carpet as well. The second one is a suitable temperature. Sometimes a leaking roof can give a bad impact to your carpets. You have to make sure that you use right detergents when you clean your carpets so they will always be good.
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