Some of the Causes of Leakage on the Roof

Leakage is one of the most common problems that often happen to the roof of a house. When it happens, one of the best solutions is to call a professional, such as the roofing companies in grande prairie ab, to help you fix the leakage. Such a professional will be able to determine more accurately what to cause your roof to leak and choose the right treatment to fix the problem. Here are some of the causes of leaking roofs:

– Bad quality of the roof material

Each roof cover material has its own character. For the tile of the roof, for example, between the clay tile and the ceramic tile, it is a definitely better ceramic tile to withstand rain water because of its waterproof nature and interlocking design. This obviously affects the slope tolerance that can be applied to your home. Similarly with other materials such as galvanized sheet and asbestos. Asbestos may be much cheaper but the weather resistance is definitely stronger galvanized sheets. Selection of material quality at random clearly affect the resistance to rain water attacks.

– Weather damage

The roof is part of the structure of the house that suffered most from the weather, due to exposure to the hot sun during the dry season and exposed to water during the rainy season. No matter how strong the roof of your house, over time will be degraded due to weather. The consequences arising from this damage are usually cracked at the edge or fitting joints, cracked hair on clay tile, rusty or rusted zinc or faded paint coating on concrete roof tiles. The solution to this is to perform periodic maintenance every year to extend the life time or life time of roofing materials. For example, paint a concrete roof tile paint, add a layer of waterproofing on concrete, and so forth.

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