Smart Tricks Choosing Color Exterior Paint

The combination of colors on the exterior of the house can immediately make your home worthy of entering social media. In one man and a brush, the use of color is very calculated to improve the quality of your dream home.

To change the exterior of a house, you need to first compare three houses with different styles before using it in your own home. There are some telling tips to make your home more comfortable and beautiful.

Don’t: Ignore Color Potential
There is nothing wrong with classic neutral colors, but a bit of bold color is needed to lift the ordinary exterior level of the house into extraordinary. This farmhouse style house still has a traditional white element but offers a bright apricot hue. Plus contrast with the dark green metal roof. The yellow color will give a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Do: Play with Texture
The combination of matte and glossy paint adds visual appeal thanks to the contrast effect, even if the paint comes from the same basic color type. The best choice is to use a matte finish on the walls of the house and shiny colors to create decorative elements that stand out. Paint that reflects sparkling light can attract the eye to architectural elements.

Do: Use Repetition
Use repetitive colors on the exterior of the house for a cohesive look. Gray-green paint can be applied to the waist of the window and the front door of the house. The shade you can appear on the outside of the house using a pale yellow color without overtaking it. This color also reflects the color of the roof that successfully ties the facade.

Do: Trust the Natural Color Combination
Landscape can give an idea of how the exterior appearance of the house will look good with its surroundings. Trees with shades of green will be rich in colors such as red, brown, and golden when the seasons change. This natural combination can beautify the exterior of the house if you use green, brown, and copper paint.

Don’t: Too Uniform
Too much color will make your home look unattractive and boring. To avoid this, choose a color for the front door that is contrary to the main color but binds to other elements. The rich reddish-brown color on the door subtly reflects the copper roof panel.

Do: Use Dark Colors Smartly
Paint that is too dark can burden the front of your house and make it look gloomy. The trick to more balanced colors is to paint two-thirds of the outside of the house with a lighter color. Dark brown with lots of white accents keeps things bright while still providing a lot of contrast.

Don’t: Underestimate the Color of Wood
Wood has a variety of color choices and can warm or cool other exterior colors. The roof and deck of this house display warm wood tones, preventing the front of the brown and white contrast from being too striking.

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