Simple Tips To Improve Audio Quality For Live Streaming

In general, there are some simple tips to improve audio quality for live streaming that you can do. When you do live streaming such as vlogging, podcasting, and also webinars, of course, you need to prepare the audio optimally to produce optimal sound quality during the live streaming. By knowing simple tips to get quality audio during live streaming, you no longer need to spend a lot of money to buy a variety of equipment that can support sound quality. Currently, the integration of audio-visual and information technology has made it easier for us to determine the most appropriate audio equipment for our needs and budget, for example, the preamp for SM7B. In principle, with a minimal budget, messages during live streaming can be conveyed clearly. Here are tips to improve audio quality for live streaming that you can do:

1. Choose Equipment and Set-Up Correctly
Simple tips to improve audio quality for live streaming, the most basic is to choose and set up equipment that can support audio quality appropriately. The microphone is the main equipment that can support audio quality during live streaming. By choosing the right type of microphone, then you can set up the mic so that the sound it produces is clear so there won’t be a lot of interference from unwanted background noise.

There are at least two types of microphones that are usually used for vocals, namely the Condenser Microphone and the Dynamic Microphone. When you are going to live stream, you can choose one of these mic types to produce maximum sound.

After you determine the type of microphone you will use, then you must determine the microphone pattern correctly. A cardioid pattern or a pattern that resembles a heart shape is the most ideal mic pattern for vocals. This pattern can capture the sound that comes out of the mouth while rejecting the sound that comes from the side and rear of the mic diaphragm so that it will be able to produce good audio quality.

2. Audio Interfaces
To get quality audio quality, you need audio inferences. Audio inferences itself is an external sound card that functions to facilitate audio settings and adjustments, converting analog signals from the microphone into digital signals so that they can be processed by the PC or computer you are using. With upgradeable audio inferences, interference from internal circuits on the computer can be kept to a minimum so that the signal will not be easily disturbed.

3. Using Various Accessories to Support Audio Quality
A simple tip to improve audio quality for live streaming is to add various important accessories that can be used with the mic. These accessories include a mic stand, shock mount, and pop filter.

4. Pay Attention to the Conditions of the Surrounding Environment
To get maximum audio results, you have to do testing and adjusting when using a microphone in a room. To make it even more optimal, you can use a silencer in the room.

Those are some simple tips to improve audio quality for live streaming that you can do. You can apply these tips so that the messages you convey during live streaming can be received properly without any significant sound interference.

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