Rarely Known Benefits Of Whipping Cream

Whipped cream has a bad image in the eyes of many people. Its very sweet taste and fatty texture make it seem unhealthy. In fact, this cream actually has some content that is beneficial for the body. You can use whipped cream dispenser from nangs delivery Melbourne.

Whipping cream is made from whole milk and is rich in fat and several types of vitamins. Reporting from FoodData Central, the content in one cup or about 120 grams of whipping cream, which is 400 kcal of energy; 3.14 proteins; 43.3 grams of fat; 3.41 grams of carbohydrates; vitamin A: 35% of the reference daily requirement or RDI (Reference Daily Intake); vitamin D: 10% of the RDI; vitamin E: 7% of the RDI; valsium: 7% of the RDI; phosphorus: 7% of the RDI; choline: 4% of the RDI; and vitamin K: 3% of the RDI.

Whipping cream contains various types of important fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins A, D, E, and K. All these types of vitamins will be more easily absorbed by the body if consumed together with fat which is also contained in whipping cream. In addition, the choline content in whipping cream is known to be important for brain development and metabolism. Not only that, like other dairy products, whipping cream is also rich in calcium and phosphorus which can improve bone health. The protein content in it can also protect against the reduction in bone strength and mass due to aging.

Although it has many beneficial ingredients, whipping cream also contains a lot of saturated fat which is known to increase the risk of heart disease. However, no studies have found a direct relationship between whipping cream consumption and the risk of heart disease. In contrast, several studies, one from the journal Nutrition Research, have found that high-fat whole-milk products, such as whipping cream, can reduce the risk of diseases, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Furthermore, whipping cream is considered healthier for the body when compared to other cream substitute products that are low in fat but high in sugar, such as coffee creamer.

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