Prevent Mould In Bathroom By Cleaning The Tiles

A clean and fresh bathroom is not only convenient for cleaning but also affects family health. However, if the bathroom does not have sufficient ventilation and airflow so that it becomes damp, it is very susceptible to being infected by black mould that often appears in bathtubs or tiles. The presence of mould can interfere with breathing, trigger coughing and sneezing, especially for people with asthma. Unfortunately, this mould is not easily removed because it is firmly attached. And to prevent and deal with a black mould that sticks to every corner of the bathroom tile, consider getting professional help from carpet cleaning and stretching near me service.

The first step you can take to reduce mould at home is prevention. If you keep your bathroom sterile from mould, your house will be kept clean. The secret to preventing black mould is to keep your bathroom as dry as possible. Because after bathing, every drop of water that falls can spread to all sides of the bathroom and make the walls, ceiling, and floor damp. For that, it is very important to install the bathroom fan properly. Make sure the fan can dry the room quickly according to its capacity. Ideally, the humidity level in the room should be at or below 50 per cent. Another way you can do this is to open a window or vent in the bathroom after use so that the water evaporates quickly.

Sometimes, even though you have done many methods and cleaning agents to get rid of the moulds, a few days later the moulds will appear again. The fix is quite easy, you just need to rub it quickly, then do it repeatedly until it doesn’t appear again. You can use white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide for a natural cleanser. Pour it into a sheet bottle and spray it on the affected area. Then, immediately scrub with a small brush or cloth. Keep the bathroom clean by doing a weekly cleaning schedule. Only by setting aside a few minutes, it is enough to wipe the water droplets on the wall or mirror, then spray the cleaning liquid and wipe with a soft cloth.

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