Prevent Machine Breakdown

The lack of vapro opleiding operator expertise or in this case the operator who is not trained in operating and maintaining the machine can cause unnecessary damage to the machine and equipment. This can happen due to improper or inefficient procedures. While it takes time and effort to train operators in equipment setup and operation, it pays off in the long run with high product quality. Plus, trained operators can increase efficiency and extend equipment life. Periodic inspection is important. Even if you have an in-house preventive program, you may also want to add regular checkups to your to-do list.

Checking machines for unexpected breakdowns allow you to keep machine tools in good condition. Not only will this activity extend the life of the equipment, but it can also prevent unplanned downtime due to machine breakdowns. It is also, especially for food manufacturing, the cleanliness of machine tools becomes important. Spills and scraps of food and chemicals can become “pests” to your machine. For that, keep caring for and maintaining the cleanliness of your production machine. That way, you have been working to increase productivity and quality while of course keeping your machine last longer.

The trend that most often occurs in the scope of maintenance is that mechanical maintenance is only carried out when a breakdown occurs. The machine is repaired when a breakdown occurs which of course will often occur. A large amount of inventory in the form of spare parts accumulates in the warehouse and becomes obsolete. Often operators ignore the first signs of a potential malfunction. Even the operators do not have the competence in maintaining the machines they operate every day. If so, of course, the damage will often occur due to the absence of routine minor maintenance, which may be caused by the maintenance staff being too busy. The operator’s understanding of the basics of machine maintenance will be very helpful in this regard.

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