Post-Flood House Cleaning Tips

Apart from causing material loss, floods can also affect your health due to dirt that settles in your house. If that happens to you, surely cleaning the house is one of the mandatory tasks that are carried out after the flood recedes. Processed from various sources, here are some tips for cleaning the house after a flood for you from

Turning off the electricity when cleaning the house after a flood is the first thing that must be done. Turning off the electric current will prevent you from getting an electric shock that could endanger yourself.
Use equipment such as long sleeves, trousers, masks, gloves, eye protection, and boots to keep your body sterile.
Dry the water that has stagnated on the floor and clean the germs and dirt with a disinfectant. If you want to be more sterile, you can clean your house with hot water to kill disease-carrying bacteria.
Group the items in your house, pay attention to their condition whether they are exposed to flood immersion or only partially. If the items are very dirty and smell bad, it’s better to just throw them away because it’s already very difficult to clean the mold and germs that stick.
For furniture or furniture that is only slightly dirty and not completely wet, first clean the flood water with clean water so that spots do not appear. Then apply oil and scrub with a clean cloth until the stain is gone. To make it shiny again, the furniture can be refined.
For items made from fabrics such as clothes, towels, and blankets, wash them in hot water then dry in the sun to dry.
Do not connect electronic equipment that has been exposed to water to electricity, as this may cause a short circuit. Better to take it directly to the nearest repairman for repair. Likewise, with cars, take them to a trusted repair shop as soon as possible to clean and repair car parts that are soiled with a flood.
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