Plumbing System

The plumbing system is the part that can not be separated from the building, therefore the planning of the plumbing system must be carried out simultaneously and in accordance with the planning stages of the building itself. We can help you and your plumbing problem and also boiler repairs in Canterbury.

Modern independent heating system in boiler room. Pipelines, water pump, valves, manometers

Within the framework of the provision of clean water both from the quality and quantity as well as the continuity and distribution of water used or dirty water from the sanitary equipment to a specified place in order not to contaminate other parts of the building or the surrounding environment.

Every business or activity basically impacts on the environment which needs to be analysed, so if those actions get negative impacts or positive impacts it can be prepared as early as possible. Plumbing is an art and technology piping and equipment to provide clean water, both in terms of quality, quantity and continuity of qualified and wasted water used or dirty water from certain places without contaminating other important parts to achieve the hygienic conditions and the desired comfort.

Planning the plumbing system in a building: in order to meet the needs of clean water as the number of occupants and dirty water delivery efficiently and effectively (drainage), so there is no confusion and pollution that always happens when a channel impaired. Drainage comes from the English “drainage” that means drain, remove, or divert water. In general, the drainage system can be defined as a series of waterworks which serves to reduce or remove the excess water out of an area or land so the land can function optimally.

The drainage system consists of a receiver channel (interceptor drain), the collecting ducts (collector drain), the channel carrier (conveyor drain), trunk (main drain) and the receiving water. Throughout the system often encountered other parts such as a sewer, syphon, water bridge (aqueduct), spillway, sluice gates, building waterfalls, ponds, and pumping stations.

The main function of the plumbing building equipment is providing clean water or hot water to certain places with enough pressure, providing water for fire protection and to channel wastewater from certain places without contaminating the surrounding environment.

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