Partnership transparency: Good marketing agency standards

What does openness matter to you when choosing a marketing agency? A good company like King Kong marketing agency has a lot of King Kong digital marketing reviews on the internet that support the quality of the company. But maybe you still need to know to take into account the following aspects of a marketing partnership:

1. Level of effort and timing: Are you discussing your anticipated level of work and timeline for the scope of services with the agencies you are considering as conversations go forward? The decision to engage an outside source does not automatically relieve you of all marketing-related duties. Your participation will be viewed as a long-term relationship by a competent marketing firm. Each party in a partnership has a job to do. A successful outcome for both parties will be greatly aided by an understanding of the stakeholders who must be involved at every level, the amount of effort they will need to devote, and a projected calendar with meeting dates and the level of engagement required.

2. Flexibility in service purchases: Do the other organizations you are thinking about providing different models? Sometimes a retainer plan makes the most sense, and other times fixed rates are the best option. A contract agreement must be advantageous to both parties. The same is true for payments given in exchange for services.

3. Fluency with remote access: Your company is considering employing a marketing firm for a reason. More demands are being made on you by your clients. You’re working to expand the business. Because of your limited bandwidth, it is impossible to schedule additional face-to-face encounters in a single day. Modern technology can help us save time and get as near to face-to-face meetings as possible.

Examine the marketing agencies’ familiarity with technology as you consider them. Are they effective at using online meetings? Can your company benefit from a whole team of experts? Do you only encounter one individual who comes to meet you, though? In today’s open client-provider relationships, having access to the full team—even virtually—can be more beneficial than just holding one in-person meeting.

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