Parasite Inside The Carpet

Itching, shortness of breath, and reddish spots are often misinterpreted as symptoms of allergic skin. We are not abstinence from eating foods that can cause allergies in our body. So what’s wrong, huh? It could be that this is caused by a ferocious bugs attack that lives in the carpet. Bugs with a size of about 0.5 mm who like to live in this humid place, it is rather difficult to eradicate because it is difficult to see by the naked eye. You need to clean your carpet thoroughly with the help of Northern Beaches Carpet Cleaning. So that the parasite doesn’t land at your house anymore, use effective ways to get rid of the bugs below.

1. Spray the insect repellent liquid in places that have the potential to become a place for breeding bugs.

2. Wash bed linen, blankets, pillowcases and bolsters with hot water until clean. After that dry in the sun until completely dry

3. Always keep your bedroom clean. Clean bedsheets and sleeping equipment from dust and dirt. Also, clean the corners and side of the house that is rarely touched.

4. Clean the mattress and carpet with a regular vacuum cleaner. Other than that, replace mattresses and bedding with new if it’s already more than 3 years.

5. Make shallots and garlic juice, take the juice and spread on the edge of the bed. The bugs hate the smell.

6. Want a more simple? Make a saltwater solution and put it in a spray bottle. Spray around the mattress or areas that potential to become a mite nest

7. If possible, install an air purifier in your room. The air purifier can help maintain air humidity and filter the air from dust, dirt, and bacteria.

After doing the tips above, one important thing that should not be forgotten is to keep the room and house always clean. When the environment is clean, of course, germs and bacteria will not be provoked to come to interfere, right?

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