Often Thought to be the Same, This is Different from Colleges and Universities

Anyone who enters the stage of leaving “school”, must at least have imagined or perhaps have a picture in the next higher education. Both those who want to carry out education tuition agency or wander far away to foreign countries. College and University are also a foothold for those of you who are ready to touch a more focused field! However, there are still many who are confused and even think that the two schools are the same. The term College as higher education can be defined as a university, college, institute, conservatory, or even education at an academy. Most Colleges are separate schools although some are part of the university and are located on the University campus. Generally, colleges have only a fairly short duration of education. One example is a College that offers programs with a duration of only 2 years.

Universities are the same as what we see in tuition agency. The University offers various programs under its auspices, both in terms of legality and finance. Generally, the duration of study at the University ranges from 4 to 5 years. However, there are also fast-track programs that are currently popular and only require a maximum of 2 years of study time. The study programs offered are also part of different colleges and universities. The University has several faculties of study that offer a wide variety of subjects. For example, the Faculty of Humanities, in which it offers majors in English Literature or French Literature. The University offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate, to Ph.D. programs. If you go to university, you will receive an advanced degree.

Community College, also called a junior college that offers certain degrees, although some of them also include a certificate after graduation. You need to pass the duration of study for 2 years. Public Universities are funded by state or local governments. Meanwhile, private universities or private universities do not receive government funding. They get funding from tuition fees, donations, or donations. Many Private Universities collaborate with top universities abroad and have world-class learning, innovative teaching methods, and hi-tech facilities.

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