Monitor Baby Activities Easily

Monitoring a baby’s activities is now easier to do thanks to the help of technology. One of them is by using CCTV in the form of a video type baby monitor. Even when you want to install this equipment in more than one room, you could easily choose the one that suitable for your needs like you can see at On the market, there are various brands of baby monitors with diverse specialties. So, so as not to be confused, here are things that you must pay attention to before buying a video type baby monitor.

Video type baby monitors operate in a certain signal wavelength. If you don’t have an advanced security system, other people can view the video on your baby monitor. To forestall this, pick a baby monitor that already utilises digital DECT technology. In addition, if your baby monitor has a monitoring feature from a cellphone via the internet, make sure the video content is password protected. The baby monitor consists of two devices. One CCTV camera, another monitoring device or called the parent unit. This parent unit is usually in the form of a tablet PC with varying screen sizes. This tool is also available in two types, namely wireless and wired. If you want a monitor with large screen size, it is recommended to choose a parent unit with a cable. However, if you want to easily carry the parent unit everywhere, please choose the wireless one. However, the size is limited to only about 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches.

If you plan to have more than one child, please choose a baby monitor whose video can be installed more than one. There are brands on the market that allow you to use up to 4 video cameras with 1 parent unit. However, if you want more than one parent to be able to use a baby monitor, choose a brand that allows you to use more than 1 parent unit.

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