Minimalist Design By Adjusting The Pattern And Color Of The Carpet

If we compare it to classic, rustic, or industrial interior design, minimalist interior design doesn’t need a lot of furniture or accessories to present a minimalist design completely. For a minimalist living room interior, for example, you only need to place a sofa or two armchairs with one coffee table, which then you place a vase with flowers on the table or a simple ceramic sculpture. You can also put a patterned carpet under the coffee table as the focal point of your living room. For how to clean the carpet, you don’t need to worry because you can clean it with a vacuum cleaner every time so that the carpet always looks clean and you will also be comfortable. The carpet must also be washed every 3 weeks. This is so that the dirt and stains on the carpet are completely gone. It will also make your carpet smell good. If you find it difficult to do it yourself then you can ask for help from a professional service such as the Carpet Cleaning North Shore .

The carpet is very suitable as a decoration and is used for the entire room, especially in the interior of the living room and family room. This type of carpet is decorative because it has various motifs and materials and shapes that are no less varied. Also, playing with the patterns and colors of the carpet can help the room look more spacious. Soft colors like white, cream and light colors can be chosen for a lighter impression.

You also have to adjust to the lighting in the room, if the lighting looks bright, choose a warm-colored carpet. You can choose a combination of several carpet colors, but match the color of the carpet to the color of your favorite furniture. You must remember do not choose a motif that is large or too complicated.

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