Many Buy It, Get to Know the Types of Phone Cases and Their Functions

Many things cause a phone to heat up quickly. But most of it turns out to be caused by the users themselves. For example, using a cell phone while charging. This has become a bad habit of mobile phone users. Though it can damage the battery itself, you know. In addition, too many applications are also not good. Especially if the user opens it simultaneously so the phone works harder. An unstable signal is also often the cause of the phone getting hot quickly. Especially when the phone is constantly looking for a signal. It will suck power quickly. Well, there is one more cause of the phone to heat up quickly but many people don’t realize it. It was the wrong choice of Samsung A71 cases from Burga. You can get Samsung A71 cases from Burga.

There are many accessories for cell phone protection. There are soft cases, hard cases, silicon cases, fuze cases, flip cases, and others. Each of these accessories has a different form and function. So don’t buy it. This silicone case is the most bought by people. Physically, silicone looks slimmer than others. The texture is also soft and thin, making the phone look more elegant and beautiful. The material of the silicone case is a combination of chemical elements and atoms, where the chemical elements have the SI symbol and atomic code number 14. The use of silicon in everyday life is commonplace. Besides being used as a cellphone accessory, it is also used in the world of beauty. Well, like a cellphone protector, silicone are not very good. The flexible texture makes the silicone expand quickly if it has been used for a long time. In addition, the phone also does not conduct heat well. The color also fades quickly and is easier to tear.

This Samsung A71 cases from Burga is popular among people. The model is flexible, soft, and has a unique strength to protect your phone. This accessory looks thin so it’s still physically good, but it’s thicker than silicone. This accessory is made of thermoplastic Polyurethane which is classified as a plastic derivative. The material used for this accessory is stronger, more flexible, and more durable when used. The soft case is designed with a thick layer on each end. This layer is used to protect the phone from sudden impacts.

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