Mandatory Tips For Home Foot Spa

Maybe you are diligent in doing this beauty treatment, from the face to other body parts. However, what about the legs? Yes, it’s incomplete if you don’t try foot care. To restore sore feet, most people choose to do a Scottsdale medspa in our place. Why don’t you try doing it yourself at home, which is certainly cheaper, easier, and no less effective?

Instead of going to a salon, let’s do your own foot care at home with a foot spa in the following ways:

Prepare the tools
Foot care with a foot spa doesn’t require many tools, really. You only need to prepare a chair, a large basin, warm water, Epsom salt or table salt, essential oils, moisturizer, and a towel. Choose one of the most comfortable and quiet rooms, for example in the backyard or in your own room. Put some aromatherapy in every corner of the room to make it feel more comfortable. After that, sit in the position you feel most comfortable with. Turn off your cellphone so you don’t interfere with this foot care process.

Fill a basin with warm water
Now, put warm water in the basin at least over your ankles. You can also add a few tablespoons of powdered milk so that the skin on your feet is softer and brighter. Or, pour in a few cups of brewed herbal tea to detoxify feet. After that, soak your feet and feel the comfortable sensation.

Add pebbles to the basin
Fine pebbles or river stones serve as a massage tool to relieve sore and sore leg muscles. The trick, step on the stone slowly and occasionally apply a little strong pressure as acupressure therapy.

Add salt and essential oil
Mix a few teaspoons of Epsom salt and essential oil in a basin. Choose whatever essential oil you prefer. But if you want maximum results, choose the scent of lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, lemongrass, or chamomile.

After that, rub the soles of your feet with a scrub of coffee beans, sugar, or oats. Massage all over your feet and focus on the sore leg area.

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