Look Chic with a Blazer? No need to worry!

This outerwear is indeed synonymous with formal events or work, so the blazer is also considered as the main key to power dressing. Many people also prefer neutral colors like black or white because it is easier to mix and match and also timeless. However, make no mistake, this year the blazer will steal the spotlight with a fresh appearance. You can prove it in the ladies clothing kelowna. One that you can count on is the tips and tricks below in style! Want to know how the tips and tricks? Let us look first, yes.

1. Vibrant Hues
Cool doesn’t always have to be black and white; then this year more and more people are bolder in wearing colors, including in the affairs of the blazer. The palette in blue, pink, and also colored motifs can be an option so that our outfit more pop out.
2. Luxe Textures
Velvet and corduroy? Yes! With a rich texture and statement-maker like these two examples, the appearance of your blazer outfit will also be extraordinary. Besides that, with a good texture selection, your blazes can look very expensive and up your game outfit!
3. Structured Silhouettes
Extra-strong shoulders and asymmetrical pieces are blazer models that you will see in the coming months. With a powerful blazer silhouette, it will be very easy to make your casual appearance even cooler!
4. Double-breasted Blazer
If this type of blazer is often heard, but not everyone knows what is meant by this one blazer style. Double-breasted blazers are blazers that have 2 symmetrical button columns on the front. With its classic appearance, the addition of gold buttons and checkered motifs that will be in 2018 will bring the impression of a modern classic that makes everyone glance at your outfit.

So, have you decided on your dress style this fall? Not that it changes the season, your clothes are just that. This is precisely the best way to wear your clothes and don’t just store them in the closet, but you can maximize them to be seen by people out there. What are you waiting for to show the world that you are following the current trend this year?

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