Knowing the Origin of Tarot Cards

Before you decide to use a tarot consultation service with a psychic in chandler, I will bring you to know a little about the Tarot itself. It’s important for you to know a little about what Tarot is and why it’s not something occult!

In ancient times many people thought that tarot cards were associated with mystical or occult powers. But is it true? Not! In fact, the tarot is a reflection of a person’s collective subconscious mind which is depicted in 78 cards.

The Origin of Tarot Cards
Antoine Court de Gebelin, who published a book in 1781, stated that the Tarot cards came from Egypt. Ancient Egyptian priests had painted Tarot Cards based on the Book of Thoth. They then brought the images to Rome to be presented to the Pope, who further introduced the Tarot to Avignon, France, in the 14th century. However, Court de Gebelin’s explanation is considered inaccurate because it is not supported by historical evidence and was written before Champollion succeeded in translating the Ancient Egyptian language, Hieroglyphs (Hieroglyph).

Tarot Card History
In the 15th century the Visconti family, the most powerful family in Milan at the time, made 3 sets of tarot cards to celebrate the marriage of their son to the Sforza family. The three sets of tarot cards created by renowned artist Bonifacio Bembo are estimated to be the oldest tarot cards. The remains of the Visconti family are still stored in several places. 13 cards are stored at Casa Calleoni, 26 cards are stored at the Accademia Carrara and 35 cards are stored in Morgan’s Pierpont library. There are some cards that are lost or not found. The tarot cards left by the Visconti family have now been widely printed and are used by many Tarot readers around the world, which are called the Visconti Tarot cards.

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