Know Three Important Aspects of SEO

All businesses in the present day clearly need SEO to be able to do marketing well. Many businesses end up choosing SEO as the marketing technique they use. Because with low costs SEO will be able to run well and produce optimal results. For that, many people end up looking for SEO Singapore so that their SEO can run perfectly.

SEO can certainly work well because there are several important aspects that run on a company website that you have. Some important aspects of SEO that are good to use on a website are

1. There are keywords in the most important part of the website content
Include “Keyword” in the site title, domain name, description, tagline, blog category, page title, and page content, because this is the most important SEO aspect. If you plan to build a website with WordPress, you can do it in General Settings or through plugins like All in One SEO Pack or YOAST.

2. Add an internal link on your website
On WordPress Many content management systems can automatically do this, but if you use blog features that do not support, such as Blogger, do it manually in each of your content, add links to content that are interconnected, on the relevant anchor text, try the placement is done well and at the moment you will find the PA (Page Authority) of your website has a high rating, and of course this is very profitable to increase visitor traffic to your site.

3. Add links to various relevant sites
You can do this by entering the site on the blogroll, link list, or source page on your website.
Of course, every outgoing link is a “point” for that other site. However, if you do well and people click on your link, this will tell the search engine that your site is a trusted website and has credibility in discussing the topic you are discussing

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