Know the Causes of Difficulty Eating in the Elderly and How to Overcome It

Entering old age, the elderly are faced with some health problems, one of which is difficulty eating. Some factors cause the elderly to have difficulty eating, ranging from the diet itself to certain medical disorders. This condition certainly cannot be underestimated because it can affect the health condition of the elderly. Therefore, you need to find out what are the causes and how to deal with the following elderly who have difficulty eating through our official website which you can find at

The elderly are the age group at risk for malnutrition. This cannot be separated from the lack of nutritional intake due to the elderly having difficulty eating.

Not appetizing with the food menu provided is one of the common causes for the elderly to have difficulty eating. Therefore, you and other family members, as well as nurses, need to know what the diet menu for the elderly is preferred. In addition, some older people may not be able to eat certain types of food, such as hard, fatty, and spicy foods. If you provide a food menu like this, don’t be surprised if your parents are lazy to eat. Increasing age can not be denied to make the number of body functions have decreased, including in chewing food. This can occur due to some conditions, such as the number of teeth that are getting smaller. This is further exacerbated by the dental and oral hygiene of the elderly who may not be maintained so that it triggers the growth of bacteria. The presence of bacteria in the mouth often makes food taste bad when chewed.

The next cause of the elderly having difficulty eating is a disturbance in the sense of taste, aka the tongue. Supposedly, the tongue is in charge of sending the taste of food to the brain. Later, the brain will tell the taste of the food we consume. However, along with aging that occurs, this function decreases. As a result, often the elderly feel the food they eat tastes blandly. As a result, your parents have no appetite.

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