Kind Of Music Boxes

The music boxes, it seems very old-fashioned or out of date. Of course, because the city of music is an instrument that emits famous music from the 19th century. This music box is voiced because of a series of pins found on a rotating cylinder or disc so that it produces sound when the teeth of an iron comb meet.

The music box has many benefits besides just playing music because the strains of the music box will make you imagine and immersed in the music of the music box. The melody also has benefits as a sedative for those who are stressed.

Kind of music boxes:

1. Wood

Along with the times, the music box also developed and transformed. So that gave birth to a music box with a variety of basic materials, one of which is wood.

Wooden music box gives a classic impression. So that it can be used as a collection of unique and antique items. Besides, wooden music boxes give the impression of a bygone era that has not been eroded by modernization and allows you to remember the past.

2. Clay

Next up is a music box made of clay. Clay is a flexible material similar to a cake mixture before it is formed and will become hard when it has been formed and hardened. This music box made of clay will attract your attention. In addition to ingredients that are different from usual, clay also presents many natural choices from the clay material itself.

3. Glass

Next up is a music box made of glass. This music box has aesthetic value because you can see the contents of the music box made of transparent material.

Not a few music boxes also made of glass that adorn the inside to be pleasing to the eye. So that not only listening to music, you will also be entertained by watching the contents of the music box.

4. Acrylic

Next is the city of music with an acrylic base. Acrylic is like plastic but resembles glass. However, acrylic is superior to glass because it is much harder than breakable glass. Besides, the colour of acrylic does not fade quickly and has a lightweight. So music boxes made of acrylic are more durable than those made of glass.

5. Plastic

Next up is a music box made of plastic. This music box made of plastic is perfect as a gift for your child. Because the music box can make a beautiful sound. Because it is made from plastic that is lightweight and soft, it will not be dangerous when played by your child.

Those are the kind of music box. Hopefully you can choose as what you wanted!

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