Improve Sperm Quality in This Way

Poor sperm quality in men can be one of the causes of pregnancy difficulties for their partners. In fact, healthy young couples have a 20% chance of getting pregnant per month. If you can not wait to become a father, try to do some ways to improve the quality of sperm so that your partner has a higher chance of getting pregnant. The health and quality of a man’s sperm greatly influence the success of a pregnancy. The sperm quality of every man is not the same. This can be influenced by lifestyle, adequate nutrition, to certain diseases. You can try male enhancement pills from our website.

Healthy sperm must have the following characteristics:

The average normal sperm count is around 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen released during ejaculation. The more sperm count, the greater the chance of pregnancy.
Healthy sperm has a round head and a long and strong tail.
Healthy sperm must have the ability to swim and move well to reach the egg and fertilize it.

To have a baby, sperm quality in men must be good in order to reach the uterus and fertilize the egg. If pregnancy has not occurred even though you have sex regularly, there may be a problem with the quality of your sperm.

To produce healthy sperm, you must eat healthy foods too. There are several healthy food choices that can improve sperm quality, namely:

Foods that contain protein and vitamin B12, such as meat, fish, and milk. These proteins and vitamins can protect sperm from inflammation caused by free radicals, as well as provide nutrients so that sperm can be produced in sufficient quantities.
The content of vitamin C in oranges, potatoes, tomatoes, and spinach, is believed to increase sperm count.
Fish and beans, such as almonds and walnuts, contain omega-3s, folic acid, antioxidants, vitamin E, zinc, and selenium which are good for your sperm health.
Lycopene content in tomatoes and watermelons can also protect sperm from free radicals.

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