How to Shape Eyebrows according to Face Shape

Eyebrows are a feature that affects the composition of the face. The reason is, neat and defined eyebrow strokes can change the overall appearance. But, in fact, everyone has a different face shape. Like a haircut, a certain eyebrow shape will have a different effect on each person. This is why you need to know how to shape your eyebrows according to your face. You can get the best Microblade brow pen kit on our website. Find out the information by peeking at the following tips:

Natural Shape For Oval Face
Oval faces are often considered the ideal shape so there are not many specific rules for this face type. However, one way to shape eyebrows according to the most ideal face for oval faces is to make soft angled eyebrows using powder.

High Arch Brow For Round Face
A high and sharp upward arch (high arch) will provide a contrasting effect on a round face shape. With an eyebrow pencil, shape the outline of the eyebrows by making a high curved line. However, be careful, avoid arches that are too high because it will make it look exaggerated, make your facial expression look asymmetrical or even look fierce.

Soft Rounded Brow For Square Face
Having a square face shape sometimes makes facial features seem stiff. To refine the silhouette, how to shape the eyebrows according to the face that must be done is to form eyebrows with smooth arches that tend to be rounded, and a touch of high arch at the ends. Make sure the length of the eyebrows is at the level of the corners of your eyes to help smooth out the jawline.

Rounded Brow For Heart Face
This face shape has a pointed chin and a broad forehead. Eyebrows with rounded and soft arches are a great choice for a heart-shaped face because they balance the features. To shape it, use a powder type eyebrow product.

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