How To Save Electricity AC Home So As Not Wasteful

Install air conditioning at home is a thing that has become a necessity at this time. However, the presence of air conditioners in the home makes electricity usage increase. Included in the maintenance of air conditioners to stay durable. At aire acondicionado tijuana, you can do maintenance at the right cost.

Is there a way to save AC home electricity that is safe and not illegal? Here are some tips and ways you can do so that air conditioning in the home remains economical and the electricity bill does not swell.

1 Select an air conditioner with an Energy Saving Feature

One feature that must be present in an air conditioner is an energy-saving feature, aka low wattage. Low wattage AC is equipped with a compressor that uses less electric power than standard AC. Energy-efficient air conditioners can save electricity consumption by 20-30% every month.

2 Clean the air conditioner and the room periodically

Did you know that how to save electricity from home AC can start from simple things, for example cleaning the air conditioner and the room regularly? A dirty air conditioner will make the compressor work harder. Compressors that work harder will certainly use more electricity. Therefore, clean the AC filter once a month and do an overall cleaning every 3 months. You can do this with aire acondicionado tijuana.

3 Install the AC Timer

The solution for using air conditioners in the bedroom to save electricity is to install a timer. Install a timer for several hours, for example, 5 hours. After 5 hours the air conditioner will turn itself off. So, you will still feel cool when you want to sleep and the air conditioner will turn itself off when you are asleep.

4 Close the Curtain in the Daytime

Sunlight will make the temperature in the room higher. As a result, your air conditioner has to work extra to cool the room. It would be nice if you close the window curtains when you want to turn on the air conditioner. This makes the room cooler and the air conditioner does not need to work hard to cool the room.

5 Close All Air Gaps in the Room

AC works more effectively in a closed room. If the door or window is still open a little, then the AC compressor is difficult to reach the temperature following the settings on the remote AC. Ideally, you do have to close all the gaps in the air-conditioned room. The goal is that the cool air released by the AC does not come out of the room.

The secret of how to save electricity on your home AC so you don’t have to pay electricity bills that are too expensive. The most important thing is how you take care of air conditioners in the house, with aire acondicionado tijuana, you can perform maintenance and repair of air conditioners with their best service.

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