How To Prepare For Speaking Test

Applying for citizenship in the UK is not easy. There are many requirements and one of them is a b1 english test. In the test, speaking becomes one of the categories of questions that must be answered. This speaking test will assess how fluently you speak in English, complete with coherence, vocabulary, fluency, grammar, and many other aspects. Remember, the more you practice, the more likely it is to get good grades. Master as much as possible what needs to be said so that your speaking values can support the overall value, visit

Through this speaking also your readiness to engage directly and interact with people with the main English language will be tested. The value of speaking will determine how later you can talk in class discussions, or interact with business partners in the institution you are aiming for. Get in the habit of hearing people speak English. The more your ears get used to speaking in English, the faster you can digest the information that comes in. There are a variety of English accents that sound different from one another, so getting used to hearing people speak in different accents is a plus. You can practice it by listening to your friends who speak native English or listening to the conversation on television.

Watch movies without subtitles. A few months before taking the test, enrich your vocabulary by listening to a lot of dialogue in English. The easiest and you can do at any time is by watching a movie. It can be in the cinema, it can also be watched on DVD or streaming on a cellphone. Either way, the important thing is not to activate subtitles so you can practice digesting what they say without being spoiled with the translation. Moreover, dialogue in films is usually fast so that it can train you to absorb the meaning of conversation in a short amount of time.

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