How To Make A Fire With Potluck Tool Without A Match

You may often venture into the forest with other survivor friends, don’t forget to prepare your equipment and if something is lacking, you can buy it at survivalenvy. One of the important things, when you go to the forest, is to make a fire, in addition to cooking the game, you can also make a campfire to warm the body at night. Making a fire without a match is one of the survival abilities that survivors must know. There are many ways to make it, from the easiest to the complicated one must use chemicals.

Although there are many, at least you must master one way to make a fire without a match, so that when in an emergency without a match, you can try alternative ways to make a fire.

1. Flint and Steel
This technique is often seen in adventure films and is the oldest matchless technique in making a fire in history. This firestarter tool is sold in outdoor tool shops with varying prices. But if you don’t have this tool, you can try to rub the steel knife with the stone until the sparks appear and aim it at the tinder so that the tinder burns.

2. Magnifying Glass
This is also often seen in adventure films. A magnifying glass can concentrate the sun’s heat through a mirror and pass it on to the tinder. Use a magnifying glass during the day when the weather is sunny. If there is no magnifying glass, you can use eyeglass lenses, binoculars, or even camera lenses.

3. Make use of the Swipe Style
The laws of physics state that friction creates heat. If friction continues into flammable materials, the heat will turn into fire.

There are three common ways to use this frictional force, namely using a bow drill, hand drill, and fire plow. The three of them use wood as their medium. The trick is to swipe the stick shaft to a wooden board that has been made in such a way. The friction of these two planks of wood will create wood chips which when exposed to heat from the friction will create fire.

If both ways above by turning the shaft. Fire plow works by swiping forwards and backs of shaft sticks and wooden boards, like people, are hoeing.

4. Using Bottles of Water
This method also uses the working principle of a magnifying glass only that is used is a bottle containing water. Bottles of water will resemble a convex glass and can reflect heat to the tinder below.

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