How To Improve Solar Solar Water Heater

Indeed, how to improve solar water heaters depends on the brand. However, because this type of water heater is fairly simple, so to fix it on average is fairly the same and easy. The primary heating box of this tool is connected to PVC copper or other types of pipes. If a leak occurs then it can be patched or replaced. And if you don’t know about this problem, you can contact the professional services.

How to fix a solar water heater can by following the steps below:

-Check the problem
First of all, you have to know where the problem of leakage that occurs by tracing it. In this heater, there are many branches in the interior pipe that can leak at any time or break the seal.

– Turn off the water
Before you fix this solar water heater, first turn off the water flow so the heating system can dry. Then take the solar water heater from its holder and remove one by one the pipes that stick to each side, the remaining water can flow out when you take off the pipe. Don’t forget to also remove the plexiglass section so you can get access to the inner pipes. Make sure the pipe is dry before you continue.

-Fix the leaking pipe
If the pipe is made of copper or metal-like material, then how to fix a leaky water heater is very easy. You just need to paste it or daub sealant into the leaky hole. But there are also complex repairs where you need to cut and replace leaking pipes.

-For PVC pipes most often experience leaking in the elbow due to corrosion and so on. You can cut the leaking pipe then seal the part by connecting it using a new pipe. Other improvements may require welding to the part of the pipe that needs to be joined. However, this method can lead to more leaks in the future due to corrosion.

– Firing new pipes
If you replace a new leaky pipe or seal it with a sealant and see a different colour, then you can paint it to make it the same colour. This way you won’t see which parts of the pipe or pipe are being replaced. After you finish painting and the paint is dry, then put the water heater back in the original place. Connect back to the water source then do the test by opening the water flow. Try to see if the solar water heater has been functioning properly for 24 hours to make sure nothing is leaking again.

If you feel confused about how to repair a leaky solar water heater, then you can simply contact a professional workforce who already understands this, such as in heating repair las vegas.

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