How To Fix Floor Damage That Often Occurs At Home

In addition to cleanliness, a house also requires maintenance to anticipate damage. Damage sometimes occurs in a house, one of which is damage to the floor. For tile cleaning, apart from being diligent about mopping, you also need rug and upholstery cleaner help so that the condition of the tiles remains like new.

Although the damage to the floor is the only minor. But do not see this damage as trivial, repair is needed. Because this damage can cause accidents such as injuries caused by ceramic shards and it is very dangerous for the limbs. Here are some of the most common damage to the floor of the house:

• Popping floor
popping is a tile floor term that comes off by itself. Because this causes the floor to be unsafe and uncomfortable to walk on.

• Moist floors
The problem of damp floors can occur in almost all floor materials, both wood and ceramic. Wet floors can lead to the growth of bacteria and fungi. The reason the floor can be damp comes from water that appears and seeps upwards because the floor mix layer is not waterproof.

• Moldy tile floors
A ceramic that is exposed to the fungus can cause several diseases. Usually, moldy ceramics are in a humid place such as a bathroom.

• Floor subsidence
The problem of floor sinking is a common occurrence. This problem can be caused by 2 factors. The first is that the soil that is the basis for the floor is unstable due to soft soil conditions, cracks, and the presence of plant roots. And the second one was an error in the ceramic installation work. If the ceramic damage is not repaired immediately, the damage to the floor will get worse.

• Cracked floor
Cracked floors can be caused by many things, including the push of water that penetrates the adhesive layer and then pushes the ceramic. It is even the change in temperature that makes the ceramic expand. This condition is not followed by the movement of the adhesive so that it causes cracks and the ceramic handle is released, so it is necessary to use a waterproof layer.
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