How to Choose a Mug

For information, mugs themselves are not always made of ceramics. For longer durability, at least try to buy a mug made from stainless steel or metal. The newest types are usually designed to bring hot drinks, when you are in a car, train or other vehicles. This type of mug is equipped with a “lid”; making it easier for you when you want to drink tea or coffee. However, if you want to choose a mug made from plastic – you should choose one that does not contain BPA. Be selective in choosing mugs. Here are some tips from

Choose a mug with a clean white base color. Not only looks clean and “new” when viewed. White mugs indicate that your mug is clearly of higher quality and more beautiful to look at.

Choose a coating mug. Not without reason, if you are advised to choose a mug with a layer (coating) on ​​the surface. The type is very suitable for those of you who do have plans to print images or put a design on the surface. However, mug coating makes it easy for images to “stick” perfectly to the surface. At the same time, an exclusive impression will also be created – manifested through a clean white appearance and not cloudy.

Well, one of the common to test mug quality, namely by sticking tape on the coated mugs. At least wait a few minutes and release. It is important to note: if the coating is removed, this means that the quality of the mug is very bad. Vice versa.

In addition, you can also apply a second test. No need to bother looking for tools. Because, you only need to use nails, and scratch it on the surface of the mug. If there are no scratches – then that means the coating is good.

Safe production material. For consumption, make sure the mug you choose is made from quality ingredients that are safe. However, the mug performs its “function” as a heat sink – making it easier for you to hold the glass, even though it contains hot liquid. That is why, it is important to choose a mug that is designed thick; with a strong grip. At the same time, this also prevents you from the risk of tea/coffee being spilled while traveling.

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