History of Dance in the World: Swing Dance

Some people feel dancing is the essence of life, while others dance for fun. But it is something that shows the dancer’s great energy. Dancing is nothing but moving the human body or other body parts along with the music. That’s how the history of dance in the world was born. If you are looking for swing dancing shoes, you can go to our website.

Among the many dance forms that vary widely in music selection to musical tempo, Swing Dancing is unique. Its name is taken from the dance developed during the swing era, 1920-1940, with the popularity of the Big Band and its jazz music. That’s the history of dance in the world related to this swing dance. Although there are many forms and classes of swing dance known by different names, the name swing dance usually refers to one of them. One of the most popular forms is known as Lindy Hop, originating in Harlem in the 1930s.

Lindy Hop dancers were originally known as Jitterbugs, getting their name from the agitated movements the dancers make. There are other forms such as Balboa, Collegiate Shag, and others. And more styles are developed every year. The dances have become very popular with their fast and complicated movements and dance moves. Charles Lindbergh is a revelation in this case and thus the name Lindy Hop appears to honor his dancing style.

Over the years, many other dances began to develop such as the Boogie Woogie, Rock n Roll, and disco which was only derivatives of the original swing dance. They are growing in popularity and more people are attracted by the newer dance styles in the history of dance in the world. The original swing dancing had almost diminished to a handful of dancers and by the 1960s, a culture had almost disappeared. Moreover, music songs were made to support other alternative dance styles. It remained off the main stage until the 1980s when it was introduced again by the French under the new name Jibe France or Modern Jibe.

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