High Power Poses And Body Language Can Get Rid Of Nervousness During A Presentation

Before your presentation begins, Come early to the presentation room. In addition to checking the presentation support equipment, you can have time to calm your mind. One of them is sitting with the High Power Poses technique. Simply put, High Power Poses is a person’s body position that shows confidence and confidence. Like standing tall with a look full of confidence and smile. When sitting, position your back against the back with a more open hand. This position seems trivial, even though it has a big enough role in forming self-confidence and get rid of nervousness. On the other hand, if you also want to improve your communication skills even further, we recommend you to take the leadership and communication skills training from cooperconsultinggroup.com.

According to Amy Cuddy, associated Harvard Business School professor, posture while sitting or standing can change the feelings that are in us. When you are able to maintain this High Power Poses for only two minutes, the level of nervousness or stress will automatically decrease. This technique can increase testosterone by 20% and a decrease in cortisol or stress hormones by about 25%.

So, when you start to feel nervous immediately position your body in High Power Poses. And feel your confidence will increase without you knowing.

Then, maximize your body language. Proper body language can help to overcome nervousness during presentations. Remember, what management sees as an audience is not only the material seen on the projector screen. However, also you’re body language when making a presentation. When delivering material, our hand and body movements play a role so that the audience understands what you are conveying.

It turns out, by moving the hands and body in accordance with the exposure you are conveying also helps reduce nervousness. When you get nervous, try changing positions. Different points of view will make your mind a little more comfortable. One or two steps from the original place can be an effective way to reduce nervousness.

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