Getting Rid Of Drainage Blockage

The number 1 cause of clogged pipes that the MIRACLE ROOTER service handle in the food and beverage industry is oil and grease blockage. These blockages are usually caused by meat fat, oil, mayonnaise, butter, margarine, various sauces, and other food debris. Fats and oils do not mix with water and so easily stick to other materials, such as pipes. Grease and oil solidify quickly and stick to the inner walls of your pipe, this will cause oil blockage and damage to your pipe.

Most people think that running warm water down a pipe can help liquefy the oil blockage. That is not true. The oils are just pushed a little deeper into the pipe, and over time they will become a big blockage in your pipe. A clogged pipe means that the pipe’s working capacity is not optimal (the diameter of the pipe becomes smaller). This means that the pipes have to be cleaned more often and they also have to be replaced sooner than they should. A clogged pipe means that the wastewater cannot drain properly, and will overflow.

This requires time-consuming and costly cleaning work. Completely clogged pipes even have to be replaced entirely. This pipe replacement process can take up to 2 days. Carrying out this work will disrupt your work operations and can cause losses for you. Clogged pipes also cause unwanted odors from your pipes and will become a nest of cockroaches/mosquitoes/rats/flies that can transmit disease, not to mention the possibility that your place of business is contaminated with harmful organisms such as Salmonella bacteria, the bacteria that cause typhus and typhus. dysentery.

Restaurants usually have grease traps installed to catch oil and grease before descending further down the pipe. This grease trap must be cleaned and maintained regularly, depending on the intensity level of use of the grease trap. With regular maintenance, you can help prevent pipe blockages (clogged pipes) and are also more friendly to the environment (better BOD and COD levels of wastewater).

Professional plumbers provide routine maintenance services (maintenance contracts) so that your pipes and grease traps are regularly inspected, maintained, and cleaned with the most appropriate equipment and products.

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