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When designing a house, there is one thing that should not be forgotten, namely the selection of decorations. The presence of decorations in a room will make the house feel more complete and will certainly give its color. Of course, we also need to choose decorations that are also following the concept of the house so that we can form a contrasting unity. If it feels monotonous, we can choose a carpet with a bright color to make the room feel more cheerful. Conversely, according to Rug Cleaning North Shore, we can choose a neutral carpet color to be combined with a minimalist or modern home concept. Morocco is one of the countries in Africa which is famous for its culture, even the uniqueness of Moroccan culture is also applied directly as a carpet motif, you know! This Moroccan motif rug is suitable to be installed in a room that has a vintage feel, either in the living room or family room check my site.

Besides, this Moroccan motif carpet is also suitable to be combined with a room that is predominantly white or other bright colors. We can also use African nuances so that the atmosphere of the house will be even warmer and more unique. As previously mentioned, before determining the carpet design we must first determine the concept of the room, including the furniture used. Choosing this round carpet suitable to be combined with various antique furniture.

Guaranteed the feel of the vintage in the room will be more pronounced because of the presence of this round carpet. Besides, we can choose luxurious carpet colors, such as dark red, gold, silver, or black. Besides using plain rugs, we can also choose carpets with large motif sizes, you know! Using this one carpet also benefits us because the room will feel wider than the original size. Conversely, small or too detailed carpet motifs will only make the room feel cramped. Surely no one wants this to happen just because they choose the wrong carpet motif, right?

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