Eliminated Bad Mushroom Trips

A group of scientists is trying to complete a noble mission that is to create a type of magic mushroom that does not make you experience bad mushroom trips. People who consume this type of mushroom could become paranoid, scared, until hallucinating negatively. Over the past year, the scientist managed to analyze various compounds found in hallucinogenic fungi. The purpose of this study is to ascertain what fungal substances that trigger hallucinatory effects in the human brain. Through this research, they hope their team will find a way to make a mixture of mushrooms with “optimal substances”, and therefore increase the likelihood of a person getting a positive psychedelic experience. That way, the potential for mushrooms used in the world of medical therapy is increasing.

The bad trip prevention can increase the patient’s potential for healing during therapy and also will allow people a higher possibility of undergoing the euphoria occurrence. According to scientists, the higher levels of these substances drastically reduce or even eliminate the potential for bad trips. Even though the mushroom molecule is known for producing hallucinations, it is believed other substances interact with each other and contribute to the user’s psychedelic experience — this phenomenon is called the “entourage effect”. Aeruginascin is suspected as one of these substances. By isolating the substance, it could eliminate the risk of negative psychedelic experiences, then increase the probability of pleasant experiences.

They are not the only scientists who believe in the potential of mushrooms for medical purposes. A mycologist and chemist even though some people experience anxiety and the “deep dysphoric effect”, many users – especially those who consume the species of the fungus Inocybe aeruginascens – experience positive experiences. The potential to enhance positive psychedelic experiences is great, research is still ongoing. Until that happens, the possibility that the fungal euphoric experience can be guaranteed one hundred percent seems far from reality.

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