Electrical Installation Responsibilities

Almost all forms of convenience in modern life today depend on electricity. Not only to light the house, cool the room, and watch television, electricity is also needed to use various household appliances. Therefore, household electrical installations must be installed properly and safely, to avoid short circuits or fires. For those of you who are building or renovating a house, you should first understand the electrical installation at home with nen 3140 cursus training, although electrical installation can be done by a contractor.

For those of you who are new to owning a house for the first time, make no mistakes. You as a homeowner are still responsible for installing the electrical installation itself. The electrical installation itself consists of equipment that functions to distribute electricity from a power source (generators, solar panels, etc.) to any equipment that needs it. Several pieces of equipment are important in electrical installations and installations such as switchgear panels, measuring devices, network protection, grounding, switches, and much more.

A drawing of an electrical installation plan is required before installation so that the location of switches and sockets is more efficient and neat. Installation of home electrical installations requires special attention. Therefore, before doing so, you should make a plan drawing based on the house plan. This house plan is important for those of you who are looking for a new residence, not just for the sake of electrical installation.

For electrical installations, the building plans used are usually simpler but must be clear, easy to read, and also easy to understand. Usually, you will need a situation drawing and a single-line chart drawing. Situation pictures image is needed to find out the location of the building where the electrical installation will be installed along with the plan for connecting the network. This drawing also includes a plan for the placement of all electrical equipment, a plan for connecting electrical equipment, and technical data for each piece of electrical equipment.

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