Effective Ways to Get Rid of Excessive Anxiety

Anxiety is a form of emotion characterized by feelings of discomfort, fear, or restlessness. This form of emotion is normal and is a normal response to stress. Generally, feelings of anxiety will pass after the condition that triggered it disappeared. However, feelings of excessive anxiety can make it difficult for you to concentrate and carry out activities. You can apply the various methods below to help deal with anxiety. Find more about signs of mental illness on our website.

Anxiety is basically an emotion that is natural for humans to feel. Anxiety does not always have a bad impact, there are times when this feeling actually encourages you to immediately solve the problem. You shouldn’t let the anxiety go on for too long. To overcome anxiety, try the following ways.

1. Take a deep breath
The first thing you can do to deal with anxiety is to take deep breaths. This simple method can help your body activate the body’s relaxation response, thereby reducing the stress and anxiety you feel. You just need to take a deep breath through your nose, then hold it for a few seconds. Then, exhale through your mouth slowly. You can also practice this breathing exercise every day to help release distracting thoughts.

2. Think positive
One thing that can make your anxiety worse is negative thoughts about something that is about to happen. You may imagine the worst-case scenario when you encounter a problem, but that’s not necessarily the case. When you start to feel it, think again. For example, has this problem happened before, what scenarios you have in mind might happen, and what you will do about it. For example, when you feel anxious about a school exam, you can use that feeling to motivate you to study and get good grades.

3. Release your anxiety with exercise
Exercise can improve mood or mood, so this method is also believed to reduce feelings of anxiety. The reason is, exercise can reduce stress hormones, such as cortisol. In addition, this physical activity also helps release endorphins, which are hormones that can improve mood and feelings of pleasure. To get these benefits, you need to exercise regularly and regularly. You can choose light exercise, such as swimming, walking, yoga, or just going outside to get sun exposure.

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