Do and Don’t in Military Diet Substitution

For the sake of being able to successfully do military diet substitute, of course, there are things you can and you should not do. Some of these points can be done while on this diet.

First, you must follow a predetermined diet plan. You are leeway to replace some ingredients or modify the menu. However, it would be better if you remain on what has been required.

Second, discipline and firmness are necessary for carrying out this diet.

Third, keep exercising if you want, like walking for 20 minutes per day. Although exercise is not required to be done in this military diet, however, mild exercise will help your weight loss.

Fourth, drink water before and after eating. This is important to keep your body hydrated during a diet.

Fifth, don’t forget to consume vitamin C. Vitamin C is a fat burner. People, with a small concentration of vitamin C, will burn less fat than ordinary people.

What You Can’t Do

First, do not eat any snacks other than a predetermined diet menu. That will only damage your weight loss plan.

Second, don’t over-eat in the remaining 4 days of your diet. In the remaining 4 days, it helps you only consume food with a total calorie no more than the calories you consume for the previous 3 days.

Third, if you want to change some menus, make sure it has the same calories as the menu you change. Fourth, be sure not to consume artificial sweeteners other than Stevia. In addition, it is also important not to replace grapefruit with ordinary oranges.

Finally, don’t get too much phobia with fat. No need to consume any food that is labeled fat-free, such as ice cream or fat-free yogurt. That’s because fat is still needed for the body to burn bad fats. Eliminating fat from your diet is a bad weight decline strategy.

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