Difference Between Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

Maybe while looking for engagement ring from engagement rings plano, you wonder what is the difference between engagement rings and wedding rings? We will tell you the difference between both of it.

Time of giving
In western culture, the engagement ring is a ring that is given to the prospective bride when the man proposes. When the woman agrees to marry, that’s when the engagement ring is pinned to the woman’s finger. Meanwhile, what is meant by a wedding ring or wedding ring is a ring that is given by a man to a woman and vice versa during a wedding procession. Symbolically, the wedding ring means binding the promise of living together forever.

In a traditional engagement, the engagement ring design is usually complemented by a medium to large diamond or gemstone in the center of the ring. While wedding rings generally have a plain design without large diamond ornaments and are made of gold or silver. You can choose some of these engagement rings:

Sterling Silver Center 1.5ct 6X7mm Cushion Cut
BERRICLE Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Cushion-Cut Cubic Zirconia
Bo.Dream Cushion Cut 6ct Cubic Zirconia CZ Engagement Ring 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated
Gem Stone King 925 Sterling Cushion Cut
Engagement Ring, WOAINI 4 Carats Cushion-Cut Cubic

Position of wearing a ring
Traditionally, the engagement ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. Then what about the wedding ring? In ancient times, the ancient Romans believed that the left hand was unreliable and did not bring happiness. So the tradition of putting a ring on the ring finger of the right hand also takes place in several countries, namely Norway, Denmark, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, and Greece. In Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, and Brazil, usually the engagement ring is worn on the right finger and when married the ring is worn on the left. Some other countries that have a tradition of wearing a wedding ring on the left hand are Australia, France, the United States, Britain, Finland, and most Asian countries.

The plan to buy an engagement ring must be carefully prepared by the bride and groom. Even though you want to give the best for your partner, you don’t have to spend more than a predetermined budget just to buy an engagement ring. The most important thing after getting engaged is preparing for marriage and life after marriage, for example, buying a house for your new family. There are no rules that require engagement rings and wedding rings to be diamond rings. If you want to save money, there are many other types of gemstones that are also beautiful but are more affordable than diamonds.

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