Deeper Understanding of Air Compressor

A compressor is a device or machine that places or increases the pressure of air or gas fluid. In order for the compressor to work, this tool usually uses a gasoline engine or a diesel engine as its driving force. In its application, the best garage air compressor is used for various purposes. Some examples include:

Fill the tires with air
Supplying air to divers
Supply clean air with high pressure to fill gas cylinders or cylinders
Supply air for spray tools or airbrush
Supplying clean compressed air to the Pneumatic Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) control systems in an office or school buildings
Produces large volumes of compressed air for the purposes of large-scale industrial processes, for example, the purge system in cement factories

In the market, compressors are available in several types. To help you better understand the use of compressors in your daily life, here are a few:

Air compressor direct driven
As the name implies, a direct driven air compressor is a compressor with a drive that is directly connected to the air pump. The main advantage of the compressor is a fairly high filling speed. This can happen because the directly driven air compressor is capable of rotating up to a speed of 2,850 rpm.

Air compressor belt driven
Have you ever seen a machine or tool used in a tire patch? The Air compressor belt driven is the driving force. This type of compressor utilizes a connection system between the air pump and propulsion using a van belt or v-belt. As propulsion, an electric motor or gasoline fuel is usually used.

Mini air compressor
Because they do not use pressure tubes, they tend to be smaller in size. That is why it is also called a mini air compressor, whose function only produces air blows. You can find one form of mini air compressor utilization in an airbrush that is used for simple painting needs.

Air compressor screw
If you need air pressure to be supplied non-stop for 24 hours, or you need high airflow, then this screw air compressor can help you. The advantage of the compressor is that the air does not contain a lot of moisture and does not have a noisy sound.

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