Dangers Putting The Baby On The Edge Of The Bed

Mothers who sleep with their babies usually put the baby to sleep in the adult bed. This type of bed does not have safety like a baby crib so that the baby can roll over. Unfortunately, some mothers don’t realize this, so they put the baby on the edge of the bed. It is safer for the baby to be placed in the middle of the mattress. When the mother puts the baby to sleep in the adult bed, she will certainly add several shims on the edges of the mattress so that the baby doesn’t fall. Of course, this makes less room for sleeping mothers. Meanwhile, putting the baby to sleep in the baby crib makes the mother not think about it. When at a baby supply store or when putting up a bed at home, try to shake the bed. If the bed is rocking, likely, the bed was not assembled properly. Although this could also be a sign that you need to look for something stronger. If you are looking for a good quality baby bed, you can get it at https://babybestbrand.com/best-cribs-for-babies/.

Every baby crib has a safety guard so that your little one doesn’t fall outside. There are also baby cribs that have mosquito nets so that babies are protected from mosquito bites. So, mothers don’t have to worry about the baby rolling over and falling to the floor. This risk can be reduced by putting the baby to sleep in the baby crib. A suitable baby bed and of good quality can be an ideal place for your baby’s development.

Also, the thickness of the mattress varies from 3 to 6 inches. The density of the mattress is more important than its thickness. A heavier mattress means that it is denser than the same size but lighter.

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