Cutting And Printing Stickers Have Some Differences Between Them

When you hear about sticker cutting machines, of course, you are already familiar with this one. Apart from being a medium to show a label, community and so on, stickers can also be affixed to various objects to make it easier for people to read and make them popular.

Definition of Cutting Sticker & Printing Sticker

Cutting sticker: Sticker made by cutting. Or it can be interpreted with the technique of cutting sticker material with the desired design using a sticker cutting machine and computer as a design medium.
Printing Sticker: Sticker printing is a sticker that is made like a printed document on plain paper.

The Difference between Cutting Sticker & Printing Sticker


Cutting sticker: For the cutting sticker design, it is required to be in a vector or line form only and can only be cut, therefore it is called a cutting machine.

Printing sticker: It can be said that almost all design formats can be entered or processed with this sticker printing machine, the larger the file dimensions, the better the printing results. A printing Sticker is also commonly called a plotter machine or an outdoor machine.


Cutting sticker: the price for this sticker is a little expensive because in the process of making the cutting some people use manual methods in some works. The manual work that must be done in the process of making cutting prints is the process of peeling off the sticker parts that are not important, this process requires foresight and patience, the cost is higher.
Printing sticker: the price for this sticker is cheaper when compared to cutting sticker. Because seeing the easier sticker printing process, you just need to wait until the printing process is complete and finished.


Cutting sticker: limited to solid colours (non-gradation) but can be circumvented with puzzle techniques, such as using the Corel®Trace program, but the image must be trimmed first.

Printing sticker: For sticker printing, there is no problem in the colour process, all colours, colour gradations can be printed with printing. So if you want to have it with various colour variations according to your taste and desire, then you should use sticker printing.

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