Computer Vision Functions

Computer Vision is a science in informatics engineering courses that allows a computer to “see” objects around it. The purpose of “seeing” is that the computer can later analyze the image in front of it so that the information can be turned into certain commands with computer vision algorithms. For example, how does a QR Scan work? when the QR Scan code is detected by a computer (in this case a smartphone), then the code that has been scanned on this computer will send a code that will later carry out a special command. It could be payments, unlocking, logging in with a specific profile, and so on. Other functions of computer vision include the following.

1. Get clearer information. By using computer vision, we as users can see objects more clearly. For example, using a camera. by using the camera we can capture objects captured by the camera and become clearer. Even with the help of computer vision, we can see objects that have been difficult to see become easier.

2. Improved image quality. The use of computer vision also makes the images we take with the camera much clearer. This is called image processing. By using this image processing system, the possibility of the amount of noise in the image can be further reduced.

3. Can analyze easily. As has been exemplified in the scanner system. Besides being able to capture images, computers that use computer vision systems can also analyze the next process. It can be saved automatically, or get the next command as desired.

4. Computers can understand objects. In the manufacturing industry, the existence of computer vision is very helpful in the production process of an item. With computer vision, computers can understand what to do without having to go through human intervention. This is related to Artificial Intelligent techniques.

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