Co-Living Apartments: Sharing The Urban Style

Apartments with the concept of Co-Living with Lentor Modern showflat are well managed, so you don’t only get standard rooms and facilities. All the facilities provided support living interacting with one another. There are many forms, some even resemble a game room so that residents can play video games together, exercise together, play billiards, and so on. Some co-living apartment managers have arranged routine activities for their residents, for example networking events, game nights, and so on.

Compared to apartments in general, an apartment with the co-living concept has a much cheaper rental price and purchase price because all facilities can be used together. For millennials who want to be practical, flexible, and economical, this type of residence is a very suitable choice.

Advantages of Living in a Co-Living Apartment
If you live in an apartment with the concept of co-living with one north eden price, then it is certain that you live in a place with a strategic area, can enjoy complete facilities, and have the opportunity to add a network. Also, you don’t have to pay a fortune to pay for an apartment unit.

Privacy and Security Remain Priority
Even though interaction with other residents is prioritized, you don’t need to be afraid about the right to privacy. You still have your room to rest or just be alone when you need a moment of silence.

With the concept of co-living at One North Eden, you also don’t need to worry about security because security facilities are very complete with CCTV and doors can only be accessed by residents who have a key or access card. The apartment is also equipped with security officers so that the level of security is more guaranteed.

Every occupant has access to all aspects of the apartment, such as space, furniture, and other equipment. Residents also have the convenience of getting connections and access to the communities that occupy the property.

However, a house with a co-living concept is the perfect combination for socializing while maintaining privacy. You will still be able to feel comfortable socializing with other residents without having to reduce privacy.

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